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  • Hydrolized Protein & Advanced Amino Spectra.
  • Promote Instant Muscle Recovery.
  • Promote Positive Body Nitrogen Balance
  • Suitable for Pre-Workout, During Workout and Post Workout.
  • No Salt, No Starch, No Yeast, No Wheat.
  • No Inverst Sugars, No Soy Protein, No Gluten.
  • No Shellfish, No Artificial Colors.
  • No Preservatives, No Corn, No GMO.
  • Hydrolyzed Protein 1,200mg with 25 Amino Acid Profile.
  • Build Muscle, Boost Strength & Stimulate Recovery.
  • Packed with High-Quality, Premium Quality Calories.
  • Advanced Instant Acting Muscle Building Weight Gainer.
  • Nutrient Dense Enhanced Calorie Content Loaded with ALPHAB.
  • Loaded with BCAA (High Leucine) & Creatine.
  • Protein 50g, Calories 1000kcal, Creatine 4.7g, BCAA 6g (per serving).
  • Muscle Recovery, Muscle Mass Gaining.
  • Easy Mixing, Awesome Taste.
  • Precision Engineered Weight Gainer.
  • Protein 68g, Calories 1250, Sugar 20g, BCAA 14.8g (per serving).
  • High Quality Milk Derived Proteins. 90% Protein Ration.
  • High Amino Acids Profile.
  • NO Modified Food Starch, NO Corn Syrup Solids, NO Sugars Added.
  • NO Sucralos, NO Preservatives, NO Artificial Colors.
  • Protein 25g, BCAAs 5.7g, Sugar 0g, Fat 0g (per serving)